FAQ (Posted 7/16/20)

The details on this page provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our proposed plans for the 2020-2021 school year. Please be sure to read the plan in its entirety for comprehensive information and many other details beyond the answers below.
Curriculum & Instruction

What are the differences between the Traditional, Remote, and Blended Learning Options? Click here to view a video with details about what to expect with each option. You can also review documents with details about each option in links under each heading on the Learning Options & Technology page.

How much time should remote students plan to spend learning each day?  

Remote courses follow the same content standards and pacing of traditional classes. While the daily schedule is flexible for remote students, the amount of time spent on remote learning should mimic the time spent on classes in the traditional setting. 

Will remote proctors be required for students taking tests?  

No, they will not.

Will students in grades 4 & 5 change classes?  

At this time, 4th-5th teachers will change classrooms while students will remain in their room.  Plans are subject to change based on health guidance provided between now and the start of school, individual student plans, school logistics, etc.  

Will art and music take place in elementary schools?  

Yes. However, there may be changes to how and where the classes are facilitated. 


Will blended learners in middle and high school be given a schedule with on-campus classes back to back? 

While schools will certainly try to make this happen, due to the wide variety of courses offered during the day with several only being offered a few times per day, there can be no guarantee that the classes on campus will be scheduled back to back.

Are schedules that were sent out for PHS and PPMS students confirmed? 

For traditional learners, the schedules sent home are correct as of today; however, schedules won’t be finalized until all students have selected options and the master schedules have been adjusted to match student enrollments.


Why do we have to make a semester commitment to a learning option? 

By waiting until the semester point, student classroom and teaching assignments are able to remain constant. At the secondary level, due to the credit bearing nature of courses, a student could possibly lose course credit if changing classes due to coursework not aligning.

How will AP students be supported in remote learning?  

AP students should be able to participate in Saturday study sessions and before and after school tutoring. The expectation is that AP teachers share resources with both traditional and remote students.

How will GRC be handled for remote/blended learners?  

Remote learners will have assignments, projects, etc. assigned through Google classroom. Gifted teachers will connect with students weekly in a virtual face to face format to provide support, instruction, and assistance. Blended learners can come on campus to participate in the GRC classes at the scheduled time for their grade level in grades 3-5. Grades 6-12 can take advanced courses on campus during the scheduled times they are offered. 

My child has an IEP - how will services be provided for remote/blended learners?  

IEP teams will convene to develop plans for students that participate in these formats. Instruction will be provided using Google Classroom and Special Education teachers will have face to face virtual interaction with students as well. Related services such as OT, PT, and speech can be provided virtually or on campus. IEP teams will discuss and determine which format best meets the unique circumstances for each student. 

School Operations 

Will elementary schools offer early bird care? 


How will PE be handled? Will masks be required?

PE teachers will be implementing creative ways to conduct class, and masks may not be required in instances where appropriate physical distancing can be achieved.  

How will recess be handled? 

Recess times will be incorporated into daily schedules. At this time, playground equipment will be available for students. In the event that health and safety guidelines change, we may have to modify plans. 

How will drop off and pick up times be adjusted for car riders to avoid congestion and long lines?

We will adjust times and logistics as necessary. 

Health & Safety

What triggers Contingency Plan A or B?

Since we can't predict what the local health conditions will be closer to the start of school or once school starts, we will continue to monitor and assess the situation closely. Contingency Plans A and B will be considered in coordination with guidance from the Alabama Department of Public Health and/or other guidance from local health experts, and plan decisions will be made by the Superintendent and Board of Education.

Will lockers be utilized?

At this time, students will have access to lockers to store the backpacks and access other school necessities during the day.  

Will students be given mask breaks while in classrooms?

It will be expected that students and staff will wear masks in the classrooms. However, circumstances may allow face coverings inside the classroom to be removed in certain situations, but those situations must be determined on a case by case basis depending on available spacing, student needs, class activities, class size, etc. 

What will happen if a case of COVID-19 is confirmed in my student’s class?

If a teacher or student tests positive, they will follow the current guidance of the ADPH and their health care provider. That guidance can be found on the ADPH website or here. We are requiring masks in the schools to help avert the possibility of entire classes having to be quarantined in the event of a positive case. It is the responsibility of the ADPH to conduct contact tracing and determine any necessary actions regarding quarantine or isolation. However, if face coverings are being utilized, then it is possible that only the person with a positive case will require quarantine. 

Will parents be notified when a positive case of COVID has been confirmed in a class?

We are awaiting further guidance at this time. It is our intent to follow the guidelines from ADPH, the ALSDE, and other appropriate sources.   

If my student is required to quarantine, how will they continue learning? 

In the traditional option, if a student has absences due to health and safety, they will be able to access daily traditional instruction from home. Each day, classroom teachers will place daily instructional activities into Google Classroom. In the event a student is absent, the student will be able to continue learning through Google Classroom assignments. The instruction will be comparable to content delivered in the traditional classroom and will be graded following local school grading procedures.


Will there be technology support for checked-out devices?

Yes. When devices are checked out, parents/guardians will be provided with a link to a tech support site where they can request support. Some support can be handled remotely while some may require you to bring the device back to the PCS for repairs.

For traditional, will each child be given the same Chromebook to be used day after day? 

Yes. Students will be assigned a Chromebook and will be expected to use the same Chromebook throughout the year.

General Questions

Where can I access details of the school system’s plan for the 2020-2021 school year? 

The proposed plan was emailed to parents and guardians on July 16. You can also view the plan in the link on the Overview & Plan page.

How will Green & Gold status be affected for remote or blended learners at Pelham High School?

There will likely be changes to the Green & Gold program for the school year. Those who choose remote or blended learning will be taken into consideration, and their status will not be adversely affected. 

How will students who choose  remote or blended learning get pre-ordered school supplies?

The schools will provide an opportunity for families to pick up supplies. Families will be notified when times/dates are determined. 

What are the meal prices for remote learners who will be picking up meals?

For remote or blended learners who choose to pick up meals, the meal prices are the same as those for traditional learners.