New Pay Increase for Special Education Teachers

Pelham City Schools Approves Extra Pay for Special Education Teachers
Posted on 07/08/2024

In an effort to recruit and retain top talent in the field of special education, Pelham City Schools has implemented a comprehensive plan to support its special education department. Recognizing the competitive job market for these specially trained educators, the system has introduced a new higher pay structure aimed at attracting and retaining special education teachers.

Special education teachers, equipped with specialized skills to teach and care for students with diverse needs, are in high demand. To ensure Pelham City Schools is fully staffed with qualified professionals, the Board of Education has approved an additional $2400 annual pay increase for all special education teachers, supplementing the $1200 increase recently added by the Alabama State Department of Education.

In addition to the enhanced pay structure, Pelham City Schools has created a new position at each school: the IEP Specialist. Selected from the existing special education staff, the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) Specialist will guide the IEP process, assisting teachers and administrators in the creation, monitoring and evaluation of IEP plans. Each IEP Specialist will receive an additional stipend of $5000 per year.

Lana Tew, Director of Special Education for Pelham City Schools, expressed her gratitude for the Board of Education's support, stating, "We are incredibly thankful to the Board of Education for recognizing the importance of differentiating our pay structure and providing additional support through the newly created IEP Specialist position. We hope that these new incentives will demonstrate the value we place on the dedication and hard work of our special education teachers."

These measures reflect one of Pelham City Schools' strategic commitments to employing great educators who are committed to the system’s mission to inspire and empower all students to achieve personal success.