About Pelham City Schools

From the Superintendent

We've made great strides and have accomplished many things in our short time as Pelham City Schools, and we’re transforming our school system into an excellent learning environment for all students through our commitments and investments. 

With the construction of a new elementary school and a new middle school, the footprint of our school system is changing and improving to meet the needs of our growing community. Meanwhile, significant investments and facility improvements are taking place in our schools, and our administrators, teachers, and staff are committed to implementing innovative ways to teach, engage students and raise achievement.

With the support of our community, city leaders, and board members, we’re dedicated to providing excellent instruction and opportunities that cultivate the well-being and success of our students every step of the way.

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Scott Coefield, Ed.D.

Our Mission, Beliefs & Commitments

The mission of Pelham City Schools is to collaborate with parents and community to inspire and empower students to achieve personal success. INSPIRE. EMPOWER. ACHIEVE.


Our Beliefs

  • We believe every individual has value, talent, and purpose.

  • We believe integrity, responsibility, respect, and citizenship are the foundation of good character.

  • We believe accountability and high expectations encourage achievement.

  • We believe knowledge and opportunities open a world of possibilities.

  • We believe a safe environment creates a sense of assurance and well-being.

  • We believe acceptance of diversity promotes appreciation of culture and individuality.

  • We believe collaboration, support, and service build strong communities.


Our Commitments

SCHOOL SAFETY - Safe and disciplined schools  

CURRICULUM - A rigorous and relevant curriculum that enriches student learning

GREAT EDUCATORS - Quality teachers and outstanding school leaders

TECHNOLOGY - Technology to support student learning and operational services

EXTRACURRICULAR - Opportunities to explore interests and collaborate with peers

STAFFING - Staffing to support education, student services, and school infrastructure

FACILITIES - Clean and operational facilities that enhance learning environments

COMMUNITY SUPPORT - Communication and collaboration that enhances community engagement and support

PLANNING - A plan of continuous improvement informed by critical evaluation and reflection


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