Search By Address
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Step-by-Step Instructions

Click to view step-by-step instructions for the "Search by Address" tool.

1 - Check the box to agree to the terms, and click Ok.

2 - Type address in the Find Zone search box and then click the magnifying glass. Please note: abbreviations MUST be used for the tool to find an address.

Circle = CIR

County Road = HWY

Drive = DR

Highway = HWY

Lane = LN

Parkway = PKWY

Street = ST

For Green Park South, type Green Park S

3 - When the address appears on the map, click the area around the address.

4 - The school name that the address is zoned for will appear. Addresses with an orange background are zoned for Pelham Ridge Elementary, and addresses with a green background are zoned for Pelham Oaks Elementary.

Click here to begin.