In addition to the mental health resources available directly through out school system, Pelham City Schools partners with the Pelham Impact Team to work with the parents and youth of all ages in our community to address mental health issues and help stem the tide of substance misuse and abuse. 

We encourage parents to read through the resources below. Engaging in conversations about these topics will help our youth and community raise awareness and provide guidance for making choices that promote a healthy lifestyle. 

The  Pelham Impact Team posts helpful information and videos on Facebook (@pelhamimpactteam) and Instagram (@pelhamimpact) on a regular basis. Follow on social media for quick tid-bits and great information to share with your children.

The Pelham Impact Team meets regularly at locations in Pelham. Parents and community members are welcome to join the team at any time. Check for updates from the Pelham Impact Team on social media for meeting and event details.