The InformationNOW (iNOW) Home Portal is an online program that provides middle school and high school parents/guardians access to your student’s grades, absences, schedule, progress reports, and report cards. The portal is now open. 

Important notes regarding access: 


  • Parent/Guardian or Student username have not changed. They remain the same year after year.


  • Passwords have been reset for PPMS Students AND PPMS Parents/Guardians ONLY. Use PCS2019-20 as temporary password for the account.
  • Passwords have NOT been reset for PHS Students or PHS Parents/Guardians. Use last year’s password. 
  • For students and parents/guardians who have siblings/students at PPMS AND PHS, your password has been reset, and you will need to use PCS2019-20 as the temporary password for the account.


  • If you have not used the iNow Home Portal before or if you can not remember your username and/or password, please contact the school via email to request a reset.
  • The email request should include the student’s full name, date of birth, last five numbers of the student’s social security number, and address in order for the school to retrieve and verify the account.
  • For Pelham High School, email Mrs. Zaa at 
  • For Pelham Park Middle School, email Ms. Haessley at 

Review the iNOW Home User Guide for more details about the information available in the portal.