McKinney-Vento Act 

The McKinney-Vento act is a federal law requiring local education agencies to establish and carry out policies that ensure that homeless children have access to a free, appropriate public education, on the same basis as children with established residences. Pelham City Schools will ensure that “homeless children and youths who meet the relevant eligibility criteria do not face barriers to accessing academic and extracurricular activities….” 42 USC §11432(g)(1) (F)(iii). Extracurricular activities are not defined, nor is there a financial obligation; however, Pelham City Schools will take the pro-active stance to assist students in finding a variety of options available for them, such as through PTOs, booster clubs, local civic groups, faith or community based agencies, or other agencies. Laws, regulations, practices or policies should not act as barriers to the enrollment, attendance, or school success of homeless students.

The McKinney-Vento Act requires all LEAs to eliminate barriers to homeless students’ identification, enrollment, and retention in school, specifically including barriers to enrollment and retention due to outstanding fees or fines, 42 USC §11434a(1). Enrollment means “attending classes and participating fully in school activities.” Retention is not defined in the law, but a standard definition would include keeping the student enrolled until high school graduation. If a fee is a barrier to enrollment or retention in school, the LEA must eliminate the barrier. Pelham City Schools will ensure that costs do not prevent students from participating fully in school activities.