PCS Earns 88 on State Report Card

PCS Earns 88 on State Report Card
Posted on 12/14/2023

The Alabama State Department of Education released the Alabama State Report Card on December 14, 2023 which includes a letter grade for all schools and school systems in our state. Pelham City Schools received an 88, which reflects an increase over last year’s score of 87. 

The report card grades are based on several different factors including academic achievement, academic growth, chronic absenteeism, as well as graduation rates and college and career readiness for high schools.

The Pelham City Schools' overall grade also reflects increases over last year’s data in the categories of academic achievement, academic growth, college and career readiness and graduation rate, and a decrease in chronic absenteeism. 

Each of the schools in Pelham also received a B on the report card, with Pelham High School seeing a notable increase to an 86, which is up 6 points from last year’s score of 80.

“We are proud to be on a trajectory that is continuing to improve, as our report card grade shows,” said superintendent Dr. Chuck Ledbetter. 

Many factors influence the quality of a school system, and the Alabama State Report Card is one tool that provides a snapshot of our system’s performance in the previous year.

“We continually look at multiple sets of data including assessment results and student work samples to help us make informed decisions regarding student instructional needs,” said Chief Academic Officer Shannon Bogert. 

Pelham teachers along with our robust curriculum and instruction team work tirelessly to develop unique learning pathways to ensure student success. “Our students recently took their mid-year diagnostic assessments, and we are excited about our preliminary data and the growth that students have achieved,” said Bogert. Ongoing assessments and data analysis help guide enrichment and extra learning activities for students. Examples of academic supports in Pelham City Schools include after school tutoring in reading and math, K-12 summer programs, reading and math intervention programs in K-8 and high school learning labs.

“We are pleased to have evidence from the report card that shows we are on the right track,” Dr. Ledbetter said, “and we are excited to see how the work we are doing now continues to grow our school system as we meet the needs of every student.”