Digital Library

Do you know that students in Pelham City Schools have access to a digitalDigital Library Image library? Powered by OverDrive, our digital library offers a wide variety of eBooks and audiobooks to check out from devices at home or on the go. 


  • Students can access the site through our school system link ( and use their Student ID number as the barcode. 
  • Students can check out up to 3 items at a time (eBooks and audiobooks). These items do not count towards physical item checkout limits at the school libraries. 
  • The default checkout period is 14 days, but it can be changed to 7 or 21 days. 
  • Items can be returned early when finished or they will automatically be returned at the end of the checkout period. 
  • No late fees or books to return.
  • Books available for check out are built into the student profile based on grade levels (some books available for middle/high school readers may not be available for elementary school readers).

Tip - For quick access, use the school system quick link to our digital library. If you go to the main OverDrive website, you will have to find a library and search for Pelham City Schools to find the correct link.