The Alabama Literacy Act

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The Alabama legislature passed the Alabama Literacy Act in 2019. The Alabama Literacy Act was established to ensure students are able to read at or above grade level by the end of the 3rd grade. The law states that all 3rd grade students shall demonstrate sufficient reading skills for promotion to 4th grade.

While literacy has always been a focus in Pelham City Schools, we are focused on aligning our current practices to the Alabama Literacy Act guidelines established by the Alabama State Department of Education. 

We have implemented a multi-tiered approach to evaluating our students' progress and identifying reading deficiencies.

Our state-approved assessment program, i-Ready, monitors progress of students at a minimum of three times per year. And, our investment in the Reading Horizons Phonics Program, specialized professional development for teachers, and dedicated student support initiatives are all focused on helping our students gain necessary skills and demonstrate mastery of reading standards that will build their confidence and success in reading.
Parents of students who are identified as needing support to achieve grade level standards will be contacted by school personnel to discuss personalized student reading improvement plans and other resources available to them.

Read on for information from the Alabama State Department of Education which highlights some of the most common questions about The Alabama Literacy Act. 

Why focus on literacy?
By 3rd grade, students must be proficient in foundational reading skills in order to comprehend texts. If they are unsuccessful, they will have difficulty understanding grade level reading material. As a result, students begin to fall further behind each year. Students also need strong reading skills in order to learn other school subjects such as science, social studies, writing, and even math. 

What happens if my child is not reading on grade level?  
If your child is reading below grade level reading standards or is struggling with reading, his/her teacher will inform you of the reading difficulty that has been identified. The school will provide your child with additional reading instruction and support, and you will be given strategies to help your child at home. 

If your child is reading below grade level expectations entering 3rd grade, you will be informed that he/she may not be promoted to 4th grade unless sufficient progress is made. If your child does not demonstrate sufficient reading skills at the end of 3rd grade, you will receive notification that he/she may not be promoted to 4th grade.

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